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We do expect that you come dressed in your best fitting suit/shirt/pants OR bring them along so that it makes it easy to measure & fit with you.

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There are many great tailors in Bangkok but none of them offer a truly personal bespoke tailoring experience. At Savilerow we are frequently asked what separates us from our competition. Short answer… everything, but allow us to clarify.

  1. Savilerow have all international staff to guide   ,. This allows us to provide you with truly international style, service and understanding.
  2. We are part of an elite few that actually have handpicked in-house tailors, affording full control of construction, detailed fittings and a peerless level of quality. Unlike most others we do not outsource to a sweatshop and we use high end tailoring techniques developed over time.  We have tailors working in our shop, so you will be able to see them when you come in for your visit.
  3. We believe in the little things. Virtually all suits made in Bangkok use polyester lining but we use Bemberg as standard.  Most local tailors do not put a lot of stock in high end buttons and usually just opt for polyester. Our shirts come with Mother of Pearl buttons as standard, which are the best shirting buttons available. For our suits we offer Corozo, Horn, Bone and Mother of Pearl. These are just a few of the many ways Savilerow differentiates our garments from the rest.
  4. An epidemic of fake polyester blend fabrics has consumed Bangkok but not at Savile Row. We stock legitimate Italian, English and Irish fabrics.
  5. We are located in a beautiful, Shophouse Others provide a cluttered and chaotic experience and your fittings will be in full view of everyone. Our fitting process is one of spaciousness and tranquility. With a garden and large private fitting rooms, you are certain to feel right at home.
  6. We are one of the only tailors in Bangkok that has set prices. We find this is the fairest way of conducting our business and means we treat our clients with the same level of professionalism and respect across the board. Why are set prices so important?
  7. No purchase is complete without three or four fittings.  Savilerow  ensures that the fit of your suit is perfect in every way. This is why our customer base has grown so exponentially. Happy clients,  referrals and repeat purchasing are the keys to our  business.
  8. The follow up. Tailoring is one of those businesses where personal relationships are made and can exist for years and years, often through generations. We make suits for clients that have just graduated university and need to look sharp for that first interview, then next, their wedding suit and at some point their son’s first suit and so on! We enjoy these personal relationships and stand by our products. We are accountable and are always just a phone call or email away.

Savilerow  is unlike anything else available in Bangkok.


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for free pickup with no obligations. Our driver will be at your hotel within 20 minutes and will bring you safely and directly to our store.We are also available on WhatsApp chat ,line chat ,skype,at  +66868891001 numbers for free personal consultation.

SAVILE ROW FASHION HOUSE: This award-winning custom tailor, with over 40 years experience, has been servicing clients from around the world (for 3 generations. Providing top notch quality clothing at very reasonable prices, Savile Row built up its local and international fame from its timeless style and peerless reputation. What also makes the best tailor in bangkok and thailand savile row wears president obamabetween Savile Row and many other tailors advertised in Thailand magazines and guides for tourists, is a uniquely high standard of service, choice and unmatched delivery conditions to any destination worldwide.

The very central shop, located in Sukhumvit, close to the best international hotels (JW Marriott, Sheraton Grande, InterContinental…), offers premium and customized men’s clothing: such as custom suits, shirts, sport jackets, and pants tailored by professional custom tailors. Note that Savile row also distinguishes in offering customized ladies suits, dresses, skirts, blouses…: all specially tailored to perfection. From the comfort of your home, you can have Savile Row as your personal custom tailors: designing your clothing through their merchant website, with no need to travel overseas. With a constant eye on quality and service, this company is actually conscientious regarding pricing: charging absolutely no extra charges for “Big and Tall”. For “Word of the Week” special promotions, simply visit Savile Row on Facebook.

Styles include classic single-breasted suits, double-breasted blazers, chic three-button single-breasted jackets for men, double-breasted long jackets and single-breasted short jackets for women. Cuts can be from international fashion houses, or custom designed in-house, guided with both your references and preferences. Shirt styles range from the classic Italian forward points and English Broad collars, to button downs, spread or cut away collars and open neck (Hawaiian) collars with long or short sleeves and classic barrel cuffs or French cuffs. Options like pockets, cuffs, placate fronts, pleated back and monogramming are fully customizable.

Savile Row fabrics range from 100% cottons and linens, to pure Cashmere and Merino wool. They can also can use real kid Mohair for suits, and pure Egyptian cottons and Oxford for shirts. Overcoats can be sewn from 100% pure Italian cashmere. Of course this is also the place for pure Thai silk.

Whether you are looking for suits, shirts, blazers, trousers, or even top coats, you can be fitted in custom tailor elegance at incredibly low prices (with many offers like “Buy 1 suit for EUR 100 , and get one suit free”). Choose your preferred fabric, colors, design and style. Discuss your requirements with their professional fashion advisor, be your own designer, or even bring in your favorite garment or a picture out of a magazine and have the style or model copied.

Savile Row has any command ready within 18 hours, and delivers to your hotel free of charge.  Worldwide mail order and major credit cards accepted.

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Although we specialise in tailoring, our experience has enabled us to create a range of ready made wedding dresses too.


:  Have you ever thought of having your wedding gown custom made: spoiled and dressed like a royal princess or a movie star? Moreover in Thailand? Too expensive? Too far? On the

contrary; you would never imagine how many savile row wedding boutique best tailor for wedding dress gowns bangkok thailandcouples are visiting wedding shops in Bangkok nowadays. This fashion phenomenon is quite recent, and the business is booming; though few shops, usually concentrating in Sukhumvit, are actually 100% reliable. 

We gladly recommend Savile Row since many years, as this is one of the top 5 best custom tailors in Bangkok; their new wedding boutique is already one of the most successful in Thailand. Featuring a classy selection of handmade wedding related products, produced by top designers and top tailors. Maybe have you been impressed by a glamorous dress seen in a people magazine? Bring the picture along with you or e-mail it, and Miss Arun’s staff shall copy it carefully; eventually adapting it with some details and fabrics which you may like. Dresses are 100% hand-made, and any requirement can be fulfilled. Savile Row Wedding Boutique is reputed for its unmatched selection of materials and colours, giving you the freedom to create anything you like. Of course, this is their job, tailors can create a custom style for nobody but you: making you so unique for the most unforgettable day in your life.

How does it work, concretely? First step: express your idea. Second step: conceptualize your project with suggested designs and materials. This can be done via email, little bit time before you come in person for the third and last step, called design stage. This is when Savile Row Wedding Boutique staff makes your ideas tangible, working with you and advising you on the best possible course of action.  Now, how does it cost? This boutique, despite of a high-end concept, can cope with any budget. Prices start from approximately THB 8000 (USD 250 only!) for a simple, though lovely and classy wedding gown, in the least expensive materials. If silk is your style, and if you like sophistication, you might pay up THB 55000 maximum (US$ 1700).  Which is the price of a ready-to-wear wedding dress in New York or London…

We suggest you to check the permanently updated information and clients fantastic feedbacks (with original pictures) in Savile Row Wedding Boutique on Facebook and YouTube .

SAVILE ROW WEDDING BOUTIQUE: Sukhumvit Soi 22,Shophouse 625 klongtoey 10110, Bangkok
PHONE:  +662 663 8817                    CELLULAR:  + 66 086 889 1001 and + 66 085 844 130